We seek to be a place of community, acceptance and service. At "Our Church" there are no big buildings, big productions or impersonal programs. We are people like you, living life and serving our community together. In the process, we are learning how to love God and one another better. 


The Vision of “Our Church”

  • “Our Church” is a place for everyone…young, old, seekers, believers...even those who have given up on the traditional church.

  • “Our Church” is a place where authentic community exists.

  • “Our Church” is a place to bring your friends, family, relatives  and work associates.

  • “Our Church” is sitting in the living room, drinking coffee, discussing life’s questions and finding answers in God’s Word.

  • “Our Church” is a place of authenticity and honesty.

  • “Our Church” is reaching out to people with the healing and restoration only Jesus can provide.

  • “Our Church” is finding & developing loving relationships.

  • “Our Church” is integrating everyday living in the mission of reaching those needing God.

  • “Our Church” is becoming more like Jesus.

  • “Our Church” is a place to humbly, simply and sincerely worship Jesus in both word and action.

  • “Our Church” is making disciples who make disciples.                           

Jesus’ primary mission for the church was to “make disciples” (Matthew 28:18).  So, whatever we do as a church, THIS had better be the end result. At “Our Church” discipleship is not a program of the church… it’s the mission of the church!