"Services" Our Church are  based in our homes.  We want everyone to feel welcome & comfortable, and the best way to do that is to meet in homes.  There is singing, sharing, teaching, food, & laughter. Friendships deepen and lives will be changed. As we grow in number, more disciples will be trained to lead, and more homes will be opened up to meet the need.  



We have multiple opportunities to gather together and develop our relationship with our Heavenly Father through prayer. Sometimes we pray in groups, at other times we pray as couples and individuals.  Regardless of the venue, we are in awe at the privilege of being able to talk to the God who created us and loves us.  As a result of prayer, not only will our community be changed...but we will! 

Community Service


Our Church isn't a church just about us.  We are a church designed to reach out to a hurting world.  Whether it be meeting needs of the homeless, supporting new moms, working in the public schools or a myriad of other needs... together we choose how best to help our communities and share the love of Jesus.  

Children / Youth


Children are a gift from God!  At Our Church your children aren't tolerated, they're treasured.  They are involved in as many aspects of our community life as possible.  At times they are invited to join each other for lessons prepared especially for them. 



Do you have a musical gift?  God can use you!  Our singing is simple and from the heart.  If you can help us with that, let Our Church Pastor know by filling out the "Interest Form" on this page.  

One of the primary commands Jesus gave His church was to "make disciples".  At Our Church, we believe that discipleship involves more than sitting in a classroom learning pre-written lessons. Discipleship is life on life mentoring.  It involves spending quality (and quantity) time with each other, learning how to live, walk and talk like Jesus. Because discipleship was important to Jesus, it's important to us! We see the process of discipleship as…“Leading people to increasingly submit all of life to the Lordship and empowering presence of Jesus Christ.”  At Our Church discipleship isn't just something the pastor does, it's the responsibility of every follower of Jesus to either "be discipled" or "be discipling". 

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