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Be Like Mike?

Read Revelation 1:4-8

In the early 90's Michael Jordan was on top of the world. Everybody wanted to 'Be like Mike". But behind the lights, the glitz and the glamour, there was another story. Jordan was having difficulty living up to the perfect image the media had constructed for him. In one moment of candidacy, he confessed, "A lot of people tell me that they would like to be me for just a day, or even a week. But being Michael Jordan isn't all that fun." Mike didn't even want to be like Mike!

Things are not always as they seem are they? Revelation is the book that reveals. It gives us a behind the scenes, 'no holds barred' look at the world, and the God who rules it. You may think of Jesus as a meek and mild, zen-like holy man who walked around spewing spiritual platitudes. If that's who you think he is, then you don't know Jesus.

Revelation states his true nature. According to Revelation 1:5, He is...1) the faithful witness

2) the firstborn from the dead. 3) the ruler of the kings of the earth. Jesus is none other than God, come to earth to declare the only way to eternal life. For that truthful witness he was murdered on a cross. However, because He was "God in a Bod", He came back from death, and now reigns triumphant as King of the Universe.

When you take a look behind the curtain, Jesus isn't less...He's more! When you trust Him with your life, your greatest fear (death) is rendered powerless. He's not a con-artist or a religious charlatan. He is the FAITHFUL witness. He's someone you can rely on with your eternal destiny. Don't waste your time pursuing "Mike". Instead, spend your life trying to be like Jesus!

Seeds for Thought...

Have you ever taken the time to seriously look into the life & words of Jesus? If not, what are you afraid of? There's everything to gain from a thorough search. In the end, you just might want to follow Him. You won't be disappointed with who you turn out to be!

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